You’ll never have to worry, “is this good for my dog?” again.

We're committed to serving pet parents the truth and nothing but. That's why we questioned every ingredient and every vitamin in all of our recipes to create premium food and treats that your pet will love. True Meals™ Dog Food and True Chews® Dog and Cat Treats made with USA-sourced protein and added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids—all served in a way that'll make their tastebuds light up. It's a win-wag.

  • Designed by
    Culinary Experts

  • USA-Sourced Protein
    & Vegetables

  • Natural with Added
    Vitamins, Minerals,
    and Amino Acids

  • No Artificial Flavors,
    No Artificial Preservatives

What do our Pet Nutritionists and Culinary Experts do?

Our Pet Nutritionists are board certified with extensive experience formulating complete and balanced meals for your pets.

Our Culinary Experts are here to make sure your pet's food tastes delicious, taking into consideration trends and inspiration from us humans and incorporating them seamlessly into our dog foods and treats.

Meet Our Ambassadors